All about Grenada

Grenada is the island in the Caribbean known mostly for it’s huge nutmeg plantations. It is located in the southeastern Caribbean sea and consist of the main island and six smaller islands. It’s capital is St. George, it is filled with beautiful homes and buildings.

This island is often referred to as a tri-island state as it consists of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. This Caribbean island is home to the first underwater sculpture park. Because it was first colonized by the French and then the British, the culture of the island is very European even though it is Caribbean.

 Culture and people

This island was first populated by the Arawak’s and then the Caribs. To this day approximately 109,000 people inhabit the tri-island state of Grenada. This island is an eclectic mix of Africans, East Indians and Europeans with the largest portion being African. The country speaks mostly English. Overall it is a land of diversity, and deep cultural roots, once you go there you will need to revisit and go back.

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