All About Guyana

With a population of just over 774,000, Guyana is one of the gems of the Caribbean that is located in the South American North Atlantic coast. This Caribbean Island is mostly English speaking and known for it’s British Colonial architecture. The name “Guyana”, is known to be an Amerindian word meaning “Land of many waters”.

The country is divided into 3 countries: Berbice, Demerara, and Essequibo. It also has four (4) geographical areas, the highland region, the Savannah, the low coastal plain and the hilly sand and clay areas. When traversing through the country, one can expect to enjoy a multitude of immense waterfalls, rivers and creeks. The rain forest in Guyana has an abundance of wild life and is overflowing with indigenous flora and fauna.

The Capital of Guyana is Georgetown, which possesses the tallest wooden building in the world called “St. Georges Cathedral”. The capital is quite stunning and filled with life but is not where you will find most of the locals. Most of the population live and dwell alone the coastal belt of the island. The coastal belt is a strip of land lying 6 feet below the Atlantic, where they farm and fish as a main source of income.

About the Guyanese people and culture

This beautiful country is a tropical paradise and filled with the most friendly people. You will not ever have a dull moment in this island as there will always be something to do and someone to enjoy it with. Whether you come for the gardens, parks, zoo or the abundant wild life, you will enjoy.

This country is a diverse nation with a hearty blend of African, East Indian, Chinese, white and Amerindian people. The English spoken is also known as Guyanese Creole which is what is predominantly spoken in the diaspora. The religious background is just as diverse as the people.

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