Trinidad and Tobago

"Simply love this twin island paradise, especially for it's world renowned CARNIVAL...."
Timothy Peter
"I visit at least twice a year every year."
William Hope

Trinidad and Tobago is a twin islands paradise located in the Caribbean near Venezuela. The capital of Trinidad is Port- of – Spain, and the capital of Tobago is Scarborough. The population of the islands is approximately 1.365 million. 

The majority of the population of Trinidad and Tobago is Indian, followed by African and then people of mixed race. Most of the twin island speaks English. Trinidad and Tobago is located outside of the hurricane belt and is mostly sunny all year long, even though the rainy season is between the months of June through December.

Trinidad and Tobago is known worldwide for their contribution in the pitch and oil industries, and has a booming economy especially in the energy sector because of it. 

While this island does not have a large tourism sector it is still one of the nicest islands that you can visit in the Caribbean. Visitors usually enjoy the wildlife, the architecture in and around the capital of the country, the beaches as well as the world famous Carnival.

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